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Past Client Experiences

I've had the honour and pleasure of Deirdre's parent coaching and it was utterly transformative and in my opinion world class.  I couldn't recommend her work highly enough.  A joy to be supported by her presence, wisdom and experience.  Thank you Deirdre from my heart.

Sinead B.

I found Deirdre to be kind, caring, empathetic and very knowledgeable.  I found her personality amazing and she put me at ease straight away.  She gave me confidence in my ability as a parent and helped me to dig deep to find the answers to help myself and my situation.  I would highly recommend Deirdre to anyone who could do with a bit of help and guidance on our paths to being the parents we strive to be.

Eleanor Grant

I went to Deirdre when it was time for my four year old to go back to preschool after lockdowns and also a house move, which was a big change.  I was very anxious about it as it had been a difficult start for him when he was three.  Deirdre is such a warm and caring person I felt like I could tell anything.  She helped me express a lot of the fears that I was carrying with me.  She also guided me in figuring out some strategies for myself which gave me something tangible to hold on to .  The first two days were tough, but I felt like I had someone in the background I could reach out to.  He has no problem going to preschool at all now.  I no longer dread every morning.  I could not recommend Deirdre more!

Astrid Walsh

At a time when I was swamped with grief, isolation and stress from child's father, Deirdre was a shining light in the darkness.  She tuned quickly in to my needs and aided me in pinpointing exactly what I needed to do for my mental health benefits.  Our sessions were every two weeks giving me time to implement our discussed tools and tips.  Deirdre held the space with tenderness, kindness, compassion and wisdom, which at the time were on Zoom.  I didn't believe online could feel anyway nourishing but the sessions definitely were that!

Michelle Nixon

Working with Deirdre as a parenting coach has been so helpful and nurturing, to take time out to reflect and unravel some issues and be heard and supported.  We were able to pinpoint some sticking points, especially around time and space which has been revolutionary.  My intention had been to focus on the relationship with my children.  However in our sessions I learned and remembered the importance of tackling and naming my needs.  

Deirdre walks the walk and has an open, genuine, thoughtful and competent approach.  You know you are in good hands.  I can only recommend. 

Carol Doyle

I highly recommend a session with Deirdre Ryan in order to get clarity on what the next steps to take are, to see what needs attention and to move in a way that will mean the most and have the greatest impact.
In our sessions, Deirdre offered pace and space that were congruent with me.  Each time I was gently brought back to myself.  She offered a judgment free space that respected where I was at.  My next steps were clear and bite size.  Again, I highly recommend.

A Satisfied Customer

Thankyou for a very informative, insightful and wise session.  I loved how you spoke about self compassion and reminding me that rest is essential , helping myself to calm and regulate.  It helped me to understand emotions better and it gave me a space to reflect on how I respond to my own emotions.

K. O'Brien

Emotional Regulation On Line Workshop Participant

The quickest of emails to say thank you so much.  I was with this mornings group and I wanted to let you know how valued your knowledge and experience is amongst the mums I chatted to afterwards.  Even just meeting others was so beneficial for me.  I'd forgotten how isolating it can feel navigating all of this and how isolated I have been myself coming to terms with trying to support my daughter as best I can.


Participant of In-person Support Group for Parents of Autistic Children/Teens

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