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Booking A Session

Sessions can be online, over the phone or in person in Cork City

Opening Hours:

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday:  2pm-9pm

Wednesday: 2pm-9pm

Thursday: 2pm-9pm

Friday: 8am-10am

If you can't find a slot that works on line, please email or call me and we will arrange a date and time that works for us both.   


Each and every parenting journey is as unique and beautiful as each and every tree, raindrop or snowflake.  I am honoured you have chosen me to be a companion on your journey.  You will be deeply heard and seen in each session, with no gimmicks, tricks or simple steps to parenting.  Parenting is a profound, powerful and dynamic relationship and that relationship is unique to each family.  And through this relationship, not only can we support our children in to adulthood, I believe we can change the world.


Please note I DO NOT work with parents/carers whose children are in care or involved with legal proceedings or parents/carers court ordered to take parenting classes.  This IS NOT my skill set and I DO NOT have the experience or training in this area.  

Book the FREE Discovery Session to find out more and to see if I'm the right coach for you.

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My Services

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